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HypnosisNichole Brown is a Certified Hypnotherapist that combines empathy along with her studies in hypnotherapy to assist individuals in making positive life changes. By graduating from the First Nationally Accredited College for Hypnosis with Honors she has gained a wealth of knowledge in  Guided Imagery, Dream Therapy, and Time Line therapy among other tools. Nichole has completed 720 hours of intensive study on the subject of Hypnosis (plus many hours of continuing education) and she believes that her clients' needs are of the utmost importance. Nichole is committed to meeting the needs of her clients through Positiveness, Understanding, and Nurturing. Nichole prides herself in providing a safe, comfortable, non - judgmental,  and confidential environment that allows her clients to flourish.  Nichole comes from a place of understanding in her approach to therapy that is unmatched by most. " Change and Encouragment is my profession through HYPNOSIS!"

When you come in the offices of Miller Hypnosis, it's all about you, no matter who you are and what you have did before.  As a Hypnotherapist I am responsible for lifting your spirit to it's highest potential (from the moment I meet YOU) and that is it.  Sometimes in life if we just had someone to understand us and give us support the outcome of so many events would have been different. We can not change our past but we certainly can secure our future with much more positive outcomes. I realize that from every habit came a cause and it is my job to rectify the cause as seen by you. Every time someone meets their goals and achieves success it gives me hope in my own life and this is why I made Hypnotherapy my profession (Hypnotherapy = change).

 By coming to this site you are well on your way to unleashing your minds true potential. It is not consciously thought about by most of us that the subconscious mind controls our actions.  Is there something in your life you wish to change? Allow me to introduce you to the POWER of Hypnotherapy!

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